• School Policies

  • Promptness and Attendance – Please arrive on time for all classes. Lack of proper warm-up can lead to unnecessary injuries. Students missing ten minutes or more of the warm-up will not be allowed to participate in the class right away. They will warm up first. Good attendance is essential for each student’s maximum benefit and progress.

    No Refunds – Refund for tuition will only be given up to a week before classes begin.  There will be no refunds given once classes have begun. Registration fee is non-refundable. All DAC customers will be responsible for paying for the classes they registered for the rest of that semester regardless if they withdraw or cut back on the amount of classes the dancer takes. They will be billed and need to pay for their registered commitment to DAC. No tuition will be transferred.

    Absence / Make-up Classes – All absences should be reported by phone to the studio prior to class time. No tuition refunds are given. DAC offers many different types of classes; you are welcome to make up in any other class of your appropriate level or below. Ask Miss Reina if you have questions. You must make up the classes within that semester. Make-ups do not carry to the following semester. No exceptions.

    Costume Fee – Because of the overwhelming number of recitals produced across the country, we must have our costumes ordered before the Christmas season. There will be a costume fee of $60.00 due December 1st. You are welcome to pay it earlier, if desired. Costumes will never be more than $60.00, unless the student has joined the class late and wants to participate in the recital. In that case, the studio does have to charge the family for the shipping. Participation in the recital is not mandatory. If you choose not to do the recital, be assured that class time is not spent only on the recital piece. DAC is about learning the technique of dance and not just the finished product.

    Drop-Off & Pick-Up – DAC is open for business 1/2 hour before the start of the first class. Please be on time for pick-ups. Please call the studio if you are going to be late picking up your child so neither the instructor nor the child will worry.

    Annual Registration Fee – A $20.00 registration fee is due upon initial enrollment. DAC’s registration fee is due annually with the first payment of the fall semester.

    Family Discounts – Deduct 10% off the fee for the second child. Applicable for Young Children’s and Main Program classes. Master Classes and Workshops are not included.

    Payments – Please make checks payable to Dance Arts Collaborative, LLC. Please reference the fee schedule for due dates. A $5.00 billing fee will be charged for late payments. No exceptions. For your convenience, payments may be placed in the lockbox located in the waiting area. Please be sure to include the student’s name and class on the memo portion of your check. Thank you!

    Waiting Area – Students are permitted to bring food when they are staying for more than one class. With the exception of bottled water, food or drink is NOT permitted in the dressing room or the studios. Students are expected to tidy up after themselves. Parents, please make sure to clean up after your little ones.

    “The Performer” Newsletter – Our monthly newsletter, “The Performer,” is given to each student in his/her class of the month. It is also posted in the waiting area, along with other pertinent information.

    Bulletin Board – Please check the bulletin board every time you come into the studio. Make-ups for snow days, audition announcements, and other important information will be posted. It is the information hub of the school. If you have an article of interest or an announcement, flyer for a show or school play, we would be happy to put it up on the board. No advertisements, please. Miss Reina must approve all material before posting.

    Observation – No guests are allowed in class unless cleared by the Artistic Director. The last class of the session is open to family and friends for observation.

    Dress Code – All students must follow the mandatory dress code for each class. In addition, no street shoes are permitted in the studios; no jewelry (with the exception of small earrings) may be worn during the dance classes. No gum is permitted in class, as this is a serious choking hazard.

    Conferences – Miss Reina is always available for conferences with parents and students, if needed. Please call to schedule an appointment stating what the conference is regarding. Each year an evaluation will be given informing you of your child’s progress in the class and the level they should register for in the fall session. Levels do not change during the summer.

    Etiquette – Students will be subject to dismissal for poor attitude, disrespectful behavior, and/or poor attendance. At DAC, we will protect the best interests of our teachers and staff while at the same time judiciously addressing your concerns. For the protection of you and your child, parents are also subject to a code of ethics when entering the school. In the event of a breach of these ethics, a meeting will take place and further incidents could lead to dismissal from the studio.

    Class Enrollment – The Director has the right to cancel any class that does not have the enrollment needed to run that class during the semester. In this case, a choice of another class is given. If no other choice is found, payment for the class will be returned.

    Inclement Weather – Class will be canceled when the area schools are canceled or given early dismissal due to inclement weather. Please call to inquire as to whether classes will be held in poor weather. There will be makeups for snow days. Check the bulletin board for these announcements.

    Important Safety Concern – All children are instructed to wait inside the building to be picked up. For safety reasons, please remind your children that they may not leave the building without a parent or guardian.