• DAC Company


    For our more advanced students looking to make a more serious commitment to training and performing we hold auditions for our DAC Company. The Company consists of students all of whom receive numerous classes in technique in addition to private instruction in solo, duo and trio numbers as well as being cast in pieces that will be performed in the community and at some of the best Dance Compeitions. DAC prides itself on picking compeitions that not only have classes and workshops but that have great reputations for artistic integrity. Our pieces have won high scores at All American Talent, NYCDA and Starbound. Our dancers have been scholarship finalists as well as runner ups at NYCDA Scholarships both in Philadelphia and at the Meadowlands in NJ. Our dancers are the only students from the Bucks County area that are invited to dance each year at the Mitchner Art Musuem’s Holiday Open House. In the past we have also performed at the MS Walk in Philadelphia, Warrington Day and October Fest.

    Company Requirements

    Each dancer is trained according to ability regardless of age, therefore an individual schedule is made up and unique to that dancer. On an average company dancers are required to take up to seven classes a week including: Two Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Jazz, Jumps and Turns and Company class on Saturdays. All Company members must take the three week Intensive in the summer. This is the time we set pieces with our guest choreographers.

    Company Policies

    Classes – The Artistic Director will decide the level of classes that the company member should be in. The ages to the classes are just a guide. The student will be placed according to their ability and skill.

    Audition – Company members are selected by audition only each year. Auditions and casting are conducted by the Artistic Director and an outside panel of judges. Exisiting Company members must audition each year to be a member and for casting. Each Company member is guaranteed to be cast in one group piece beyond that casting is decided and based upon ability, past performance and skill and studio work.

    Registration – Members must be registered for the entire program and all required mandatory classes as well as the Summer Intensive. Attendance in these classes is very important and will reflect on casting in the future.

    Rehearsals – All rehearsals are mandatory. Each company member is allowed to miss three rehearsals for the year. Half days will be counted. If there are too many absences the company member will be given a warning first and then dismissed if the absences persist. We know you cannot help illness, family emergencies, or religious obligations, but please understand, a dance company is not just about your commitment to the studio, it is about your commitment to the other company members as well.

    Lateness – Please make sure you call if you are going to be late for a rehearsal. We often plan numbers around who is going to be there and it shows rudeness towards the guest choreographers, director and the other company members. If lateness becomes a problem the company member will be warned first and then it could lead to dismissal from the company.

    Participation – Being a company member is also about a bonding experience for the group. All trips with the exception of some conventions away from home will start off at the studio for their meeting point and end up back at the studio for dropping off. This is not only for insurance purposes, but to guarantee that no company member should feel left out socially.

    Companies – Any company member that cannot fulfill their company obligations will forfeit their place in the company. No exceptions!

    Solos – Not every student will be asked to solo in every dance, or will have a solo every year. A solo is deserved based on class work, and participation as a good company member.

    Costumes – Parents are responsible for the cost of the costumes. We try hard to keep the cost at a minimum.

    Company Entries – DAC will cover the cost of the entries only with the help of company members at certain fundraising activities. If not all the cost is met, we will ask solos and duos to be paid by the company member.

    Title Entries – Students entering for the title will be selected by the Director only. Anyone chosen to enter as a regional or national title contestant will be expected to participate in any and all events required of them should they win.

    Etiquette – DAC is responsible for the behavior of their company members when they are in the classroom or in public representing the studio. Therefore, any company member showing a poor attitude or disrespectful behavior toward other company members, instructors, or the artistic director while on company time will be warned and then dismissed from the company. DAC is not responsible for the behavior of company parents toward other parents. Being respectful to each other is an important part of DAC.

    Leaving the Company – Every company member who decides not to be a member of the company the following year must sign a release form saying so. Please be aware that when a member forfeits their place in the company they give up their rights to any funds they may have raised for the group, as well as all rights competing with or performing any solo, duo or group piece of choreography that was not bought and paid for specifically by the student and not the school.