• Classes Offered

  • Young Children's Program

    Rhythm and Movement I & II
     This program for ages three to five years old offers pre-dance instruction including exercises in balance, movement, rhythm, musicality and creativity. It also helps develop listening and learning skills needed for future dance instruction. All different types of music, from classical to pop, are used to explore beat, tempo and emotional connection. Although the class is structured, your child's creativity and sense of fun is encouraged.
    •Pre-requisites: Child must be able to participate in class without a parent. Child must be potty trained.

     This is a primary course which allows a child to move into any form of dance. Designed for ages five and six, emphasis is placed on stretching and strengthening exercises to develop body awareness and placement. In this class, your child will begin to learn the basic French vocabulary of the dance. Each class will include a warm-up, basic barre work and movement across the floor. The major focus of this class is for correct body position and alignment.
    •Pre-requisites: 1 or 2 years of a basic Rhythm & Movement class.



    Beginner Ballet
     This class, for ages six to eight, introduces the structure of a formal ballet class, while keeping creativity and fun in the process. Throughout the year, students will learn the complete progression of exercises at the barre, as well as fundamental center and diagonal work. The focus of the class is the development of correct technique and body alignment in addition to building comprehension and retention skills.
    •Pre-requisites: Pre-Ballet is recommended but not required.

    Advanced Beginner Ballet
     This class serves as a bridge to Ballet I.
    •Pre-requisites: Must have had Beginner Ballet.

    Ballet I
     For ages eight to ten years old, this class continues the focus on correct technique and body alignment. In addition, proper foot development, balance and extension are emphasized. Students will be introduced to turns and will increase their vocabulary of center and diagonal work.
    •Pre-requisites: Completion of Advanced Beginner Ballet.

    Ballet II
     For ten to twelve year olds, this class begins the student's transition to intermediate level work. More advanced adagio, epaulement and center work is presented. Placement, execution and presence are strongly emphasized. Upon evaluation, students demonstrating proper strength and development may be placed on pointe.
    •Pre-requisites: Completion of Ballet I and/or evaluation.
    •Students must be enrolled in both Ballet II classes.

    Ballet III/IV & Pointe V
     For students thirteen and over, the goal of this class is to advance technique and develop quality of movement and the ability to use steps in combination. Work includes refining balance and placement, multiple pirouettes, and tempo allegro along with concentration on body awareness.
    •Pre-requisites: Must be evaluated for this class.
    •Students must be enrolled in both Ballet III/IV classes.


    Pointe III/IV
     This is the pointe level for Ballet III/IV pointe girls, who have grown to an hour pointe class. More strengthening barre and center work started.
    •Students must be enrolled in both Ballet III/IV classes.

    Ballet V
    •Students must be enrolled in both Ballet V classes.

    Teen/Adult Ballet
     For those teen/adult students with little or no dance experience. The basics of ballet technique are taught in a nuturing environment.

    Advanced Ballet
     This class is geared to the more serious student. This class is more demanding technically with challenging variations and Pointe work. Students are allowed three absences per semester. They must attend Ballet V class on both Tuesday and Wednesday, with good attendance in both. A student can be asked to move down a level due to attendance or poor performance, at the teacher's discretion.
    •Pre-requisites: Must be enrolled in Pointe.
    •Student can have no more than 3 absences in a semester in order to remain in this level.

    Ballet For Jazz
     A great class for those students who would like to continue their study of ballet, and keep their technique going while not making a two class a week commitment. Great for jazz students ages 10 and up. Taught in a very nurturing atmosphere, where clean technique is the focus.

    Adult Basic Ballet
     A great introductory class. A wonderful way to stay in shape, taught in a very non-threatening atmosphere. Great for the beginner who would like to learn the craft or those who would like a refresher.

    Ballet Dress Code:

    Beginner Ballet & Ballet I:
    •Girls: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers; hair MUST be in a bun.
    •Boys: Black bike shorts, white T-shirt, white socks and white ballet slippers.

    Ballet II
    •Girls: Black leotard, no skirt please, pink tights, pink split sole ballet slippers. Hair MUST be worn in a bun. No large jewelry, small earrings only.

    Ballet III/IV/V:
    •Girls: Any color leotard , skirt optional , pink tights and pink ballet slippers.

    Teen Ballet:
    •Girls: Black leotard , skirt optional , pink tights , Pink Ballet slippers 




    Beginner Jazz
     This is a preparatory class for students age six to eight years old. A basic warm-up is introduced with emphasis on good placement and traditional technique. Traveling steps and rhythm work are taught as well as focus on correct body alignment.
    •Pre-requisites: Students six years old must have some Pre-Ballet.

    Advanced Beginner Jazz
     A class that is a bridge between Beginner Jazz and Jazz I/II, for students ages eight and nine. Review in more detail everything they have learned in Beginner Jazz as well as move on with begining turns and jumps.
    •Pre-requisites: Must have had Beginner Jazz

    Jazz I/II
     For ages nine to twelve, this class starts with a thorough warm-up and very specific isolation work as well as turns and jumps. Students that are in more of the Jazz I level may stay in this level for two years before moving on to Jazz III, especially if they are not enrolled in ballet.
    •Jazz II students must also be enrolled in a Ballet class.

    Jazz III
     A bridge to Jazz IV and beyond. For those students eleven and twelve who are taking many classes, including ballet. Class works on multiple turns, proper body alignment and the jazz "sense."
    •Pre-requisites: Class is by evaluation only. Must be enrolled in a ballet class.

    Jazz IV
     This is a challenging class for teens with previous dance experience only. This class will expand on the jazz vocabulary with focus on body placement, multple turns, and a new Jazz combination introduced every two weeks for body memory and style. Students must be enrolled in a Ballet class.
    •Pre-requisites: Must have had a Jazz III level, or by evaluation. Must be enrolled in a ballet class.

    Jazz IV/V
     This level is in preparation of Advanced Jazz. All students must be enrolled in ballet in order to take this class. We expand on turn and jumps sequences across the floor, double pirouettes are expected. Combinations are taught every two weeks, so good attendance is a must. This is a class for the more serious dance student.

    Advanced Jazz
     For the school's most advanced jazz dancers. This class is more demanding technically and moves at a fast pace. Attention is paid to quality of movement and the correct execution of steps. Regular attendance is mandatory, and a student can be asked to move down a level due to attendance, at the teacher's discretion.
    •Pre-requisites: Placement by invitation or audition. Must be enrolled in a ballet class.
    •Student can have no more than 3 absences in a semester in order to remain in this level.

    Pre-Teen Jazz
     This level was created for the extracurricular jazz student ages ten to twelve. No ballet requirement for this class. Students get a great sense of technique along with a great sense of fun! Students do sequences across the floor along with a complete warm-up.

    Teen/Adult Jazz
     A class designed for older students and adults with some dance experience who want to get back into dancing again. Begining with a warm-up, this class works on basic jazz steps, body placement, stretch and rhythm, all in an encouraging and fun atmosphere.

    Lyrical/Contemporary Jazz I/II
     This class is open to those in a Jazz II level and above. It is a technique that combines ballet, jazz and modern, used to express the lyrics in a song, usually a ballad. A center warm-up is taught, as well as work across the floor and a combination.
    •Pre-requisites: Must be enrolled in a ballet class.

    Lyrical/Contemporary Jazz III/IV
     Students must have completed Lyrical/Contemporary I/II. This class focuses more on full combinations, adds a lyrical barre and stronger turning progressions and jumps. This is a step before Advanced Lyrical/Contemporary. Students must be enrolled in Ballet.

    Jumps and Turns
     This class is for Intermediate to Advanced Students only. Class begins with a short lyrical barre warm up and a new jump and turn is focused on every week. This is to expand the vocabulary of the more advanced dancer and to break down the technique of jumping and turning.

    Advanced Lyrical/Contemporary Jazz
     This class is only open to those students who are in a Ballet III/IV level and have completed Lyrical/Contemporary III/IV. Difficult floor work, turning, combinations and interpretation of movement is explored. Students are really asked to open themselves up and take risks with their dancing. This class is for the advanced student only.
    •Pre-requisites: By invitation only. Must be enrolled in a ballet class.
    •Student can have no more than 3 absences in a semester in order to remain in this level.

    Adult Basic Jazz
     This class is a great workout! Ab work and upper arm workout in every warm-up. This is great cardio! Tailored for the true beginner or the student who is looking to refresh their dance skills.

    Jazz Dress Code:

    •Girls: Black bike shorts or dance shorts of any color; any color leotard or cami top (no long- or short-sleeve T-shirts, please), black split sole jazz shoes, kneepads for Level II and above. Hair must be back, off face and neck, no jewelry, no sneakers. Warm-ups allowed for beginning of class only.



    Beginner Tap
     This is a preparatory Tap class for students six to eight years old. A proper foundation of tap technique is established through exercises in center and traveling from the corner using different rhythms. Attention is given to body placement and correct terminology.
    •Pre-requisites: None.
    •Boys: Black bike shorts, any color, solid T-shirt, black split sole jazz shoes, kneepads for Level II and above. No sneakers.

    Tap I
     For ages eight to ten years old, this class is a continuation of the skills learned in Beginner Tap with emphasis on technique and more difficult rhythms. Time steps are introduced.
    •Pre-requisites: Beginner Tap.

    Tap II
     A class for ages ten to twelve years old, it is a continuation of the traditional style of tap, with emphasis on clear sounds. Jazz-tap and some street rhythms are also introduced.
    •Pre-requisites: Tap I or by evaluation.

    Tap II/III
     For ages ten to thirteen, this class begins to introduce rhythm tap with an emphasis on listening and clear sounds. Students must have at least two to three years of tap training.

    Advanced Tap
     For intermediate to advanced tappers ages twelve and up. More intricate time steps will be introduced, with an emphasis on style. Regular attendance is required.
    •Pre-requisites: Placement by invitation and evaluation only.
    •Student can have no more than 3 absences in a semester in order to remain in this level.


    Teen/Adult Tap
     A great traditional Broadway style tap class. This is designed for teens and adults who are beginners in tap or students who want to brush up on their tap skills and focus on basic skills, clarity and sound.


    Pre-Teen Theatre Tap (Tap II/III)
     Instructor: Stephen Casey

     Stephen Casey held the position of Artistic Director and resident choreographer for the Bucks County Playhouse from 1996-2010. Among the 80+ productions he directed and choreographed there, his favorites include Joseph...Dreamcoat, Crazy for You, Damn Yankees, Once Upon a Mattress, Seussical, Chicago, and All Shook Up. He has also re-created the original choreography for numerous productions of A Chorus Line, 42nd St., Hello Dolly!, The Will Roger's Follies, Carousel, Oklahoma! and Sweet Charity. In addition, he has choreographed for the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, DeSales University, the Pennsylvania Youth Theatre, Lehigh University, Jenks High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Neshaminy, Parkland, and Pennsbury Schools, Neshaminy Valley Music Theatre, and Acting Naturally of Mooresville. Mr. Casey has performed in the Broadway National, European, and bus and truck touring companies of 42nd St., as well as the Wolfgang Boksch production at the Schiller Theatre, in Berlin, Germany. He has toured nationally with A Chorus Line and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, as well as the European touring companies of Golden Musicals and The Rocky Horror Show. On the high seas he has performed in an adagio team for Marcelo Productions on board the M.S. Nieuw Amsterdam for Holland America Cruise Lines, and for Commodore Cruise Lines with Kennedy Entertainment. He also performed in A Chorus Line at the Claridge Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. Regionally, he has had the great fortune to perform at Papermill Playhouse, North Carolina Theatre, St. Louis MUNY, Dallas Musicals, Artpark, Theatre under the Stars, and the Cleveland Opera. He received a B.A. degree in theatre and dance from DeSales University. 



    Tap Dress Code:

    •Please refer to the Jazz program for clothing. Shoes for Beginner Tap, Tap I, and Tap II will be low-heeled Mary Jane type shoes. Teen Tap will be black character taps. Advanced class will need black tap-oxfords.



    Hippity Hoppity
     An introduction to Hip Hop for ages five to eight. A great energetic class that combines age appropriate music, fun and Hip Hop all rolled into one. A must for any student male or female.
    •Pre-requisites: None.


    Teen/Adult Hip-Hop
     This class for ages thirteen and up builds on the techniques of beginning hip-hop. An exciting class for teens and adults, a thorough warm-up and more advanced rhythms and floor work are introduced, with full center combinations. Bring your dancing shoes and get ready to have fun!


    Hip-Hop Dress Code:

    •Please refer to the Jazz program. Hip-Hop sneakers.